DUI Diving Unlimited International

This year in 2013,  DUI celebrates it's 50th year specializing in drysuits. 

Known for keeping divers warm and dry in all wet environments since 1963, the name is renowned worldwide. 
DUI build drysuits individually by hand in their home town of San Diego, California, with their suits wornby divers worldwide. The 'TLS350 Max Mobility' suit is designed and created specifically for the Australian market, with features coming standard that a standard 'TLS350' would actually be conisidered 'optional extras'.

We proudly stock a selection of the 33 different sizes of TLS350 suits - if your size is not in-store immediately: you don't need to wait 4-6 weeks for it to be built and shipped to Australia, we can have it for you within a few days from DUI in Australia! 

Adreno recommends any diver new to drysuits to complete a 'drysuit orientation' to familiarise yourself with the safety, features and functions before heading out for your own safety and enjoyment.

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