Sound Alert Diver signalling device

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Product info for Problue Sound Alert Diver signalling device

• The Problue diver alert device is an integrated diver sound alarm that attaches to the low-pressure inflator hose of a BCD, creating a pitch-adjustable underwater sound.

• The alert is made from durable plastic and stainless steel with a stainless steel button on one side to activate the alarm.

• The base of the Problue diver's sound alert has an adjustable knob that allows the diver to vary the pitch of the alarm, so it is not as high-pitched as other similar alerts on the market.

• The alert device can be easily integrated between the low pressure inflator hose and the connection to the BCD and will have no effect on the inflation and deflation of the BCD.

• If required, the alarm can also be used out of the water.

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