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Product info for Beuchat Masterlift First Pack

The Beuchat Masterlift First Pack is a quality scuba diving package perfect for anyone keen to get on the water at an affordable price.  The package includes Masterlift First BCD, Beuchat V First regulator set and the Beuchat Console 3 SPG + pressure + depth gauge with a built-in compass.

Beuchat V First Regulator Set

The Beuchat V First regulator set was designed and developed in close partnership with dive centres.  This regulator set was was created with the ease of quick an easy maintenance at the forefront.  Over the years of testing and development, the V First regulator is a proven hero.  It's incredible reliability, no nonsense approach is what makes this regulator set ever so popular! 

  • Designed and developed in partnership with dive centres
  • Quick and easy maintenance: extremely simple to disassemble, reassemble and maintain
  • Proven reliability
  • First stage with standard piston plus 4 MP ports and 1 HP port
  • Simple second stage with non-compensating downstream valve
  • Venturi control
  • Flexible casing with large purge button
  • Checked and adjusted individually on a specialised hyperbaric test bench


Beuchat Console 3 + Compass + Gauge

This Beuchat 3-gauge console is a reliable and complete instrument for scuba divers.

Easy to read under water in darker conditions thanks to the luminescent dials on the instruments.

The submersible pressure gauge is rated tot 300 bar, conform to EC EN 250 standards. A red triangle warning zone shows you when you are nearing the low pressure zone of 50 bar. The increments are in 10 bar, for detailed air indication.

The compass part of the console has a revolving crown with side viewing window: Navigate with easy with this essential scuba diving tool!

The depth gauge of the 3-gauge console is accurate to 65m maximum. The depth gauge has a trailing needle for maximum depth and quick zero-reset.

Attached to the console is a H.P. hose with 7/16" connection which suits all 1st stages regulators.

The housing of the Beuchat 3-gauge console is a stamped brass body which is nickelled to make it shock-proof and durable. The hull swivels for optimal orientation.

Masterlift First BCD

  • Dual-size design to cover the full range of sizes giving more size flexibility
  • Allows divers to be fitted out fast and easily
  • Dual-buckle
  • Pre-fitted interior clasps to hold a pressure gauge in place
  • 3 D-rings for accessories
  • 1000 denier material
  • Durable no nonsense BCD

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